Handling Catalyst Using The Updated Technology

  • Catalyst Handling Operating Multiple Gas and Petroleum plants of latest technology has privileged IPS technical staff with an uninterrupted and continually updated exposure with the world’s leading catalyst supplying and handling service providers and licensors.
  •  IPS technical staff is proud to announce its current capability to effectively manage and follow up or catalyst related activities in a vast variety of units with diverse licensing international bodies.
  •  Our handling activities cover scopes of follow up for catalyst replacement, integrity checks, renewal, additives and disposal.
  •  We are completely aware that the continual optimization processes required for production, together with the increased quality requirements for the finished product, demand improved loading and unloading techniques for catalytic reactors. Furthermore, the good condition of reactor internals and exact catalyst loading according to specifications has a positive effect on production results in turn. We therefore ensure that our reactor specialists check the condition of all internal components prior to the loading operation and do not commence the loading process until the result is positive.
  •  We have management and follow up experience in different loading methods, such as sock loading or dense loading techniques, depending on the reactor characteristics.