IPS is dedicated to producing high quality products and service to meet oil in water monitoring solutions,

So we provide RIVERTRACE Products.

RIVERTRACE impressive client list includes leading European, American and Asian separator manufacturers. We also supply most of the major International Shipping Companies together with the leading Offshore Oil and Gas Operators as well as Premier Land Based Industrial Organisations.

We Provide the following Products:

  • SMART BILGE 15PPM Oil Content Monitor
  • SMART PFM 107 Oil in Water Monitor
  • SMARTSAFE ORB Bilge Security System
  • SMART ODME Oil Discharge Monitoring
  • SMART ESM Wash Water Monitor for Ship Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems
  • SMART 50M Oil in Water Monitor
  • SMART TURBIDITY Turbidity Monitor
  • SMART WiO Water in Oil Sensor
  • OCD CW Oil in Water Monitor
  • OCD XTRA Oil in Water Analyser
  • OCD 50M Oil in Water Analyser

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